About the Interdimensional Photos

On this page we will provide a little background as to why these particular photographs were chosen to be on the site and why they look like they do.

When compared to other interdimensional sites, this one differs in that virtually all photos are from the personal experiences of Almine and her class. In most cases multiple eyewitnesses were present during the taking of these photographs. Chosen out of thousands of interdimensional photos, taken as part of the mystical journey of Almine, we are able to present the historic conditions under which these images were gathered and testimonials or eyewitnesses as needed.

As the veils between the realms begin to thin more, people are puzzled by interdimensional images showing up in their photographs. Certain categories of interdimensional images that are very commonplace in photos taken by Almine’s students, such as spheres, are given here in detail for the sake of informing the public about what they could represent.

Categories of Images:

  • Some, although unclear, or reproduced from a low resolution photo file, were included in this collection because of the rarity of what was captured on film.
  • Interdimensional photos of high caliber can change in real-time. Something that is crystal-clear today might be a blur in a month, even though it has been printed or posted on a website. This happens when reality changes and the phenomenon that was photographed is no longer a reality or has become a different reality. On the other hand, images can also become clearer as that what has been photographed becomes a stronger reality.
  • Almine has been preparing her students to achieve freedom from the matrix for at least two years. This requires a familiarity with spaceless space. The phenomenon of spaceless space contributes to the blurred outlines of images, the displacements (shoes near the ceiling, etc.) and the change of color of an environment. Some of these photos have been chosen over others of far greater clarity for the expressed purpose of demonstrating spaceless space on camera.
  • When interdimensional photography starts to occur there are certain distinguishing features that can be seen: Upward vertical movement of image outlines, random movement of light, discoloration of the environment into a red light reality or even a yellow light reality, if higher levels of reality are reached. If very high levels of reality are reached, the photographs can capture white light.
  • It has been one of the core teachings of Almine that the fool thinks he knows his environment, whereas the master gracefully acknowledges he does not. This website is not meant to persuade those who think they already know, but rather to open windows of possibilities into the unknown realms of life for those who seek.