The Fairies

“A fairy appeared to me in October 2006 and told me that on the 11th of November 2006, for one week, the fairies would reveal themselves to me and nine of my students. They gave me a song to help us see them. We were able to photograph thousands of them with several cameras.”


Little People and Spirits

I was at a camp in the Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Almine, known to us as Proudly Standing Eagle Woman, was talking about the “little people”. That night, in my teepee, “little people” came and made such a disturbance that it was difficult for me to sleep. The next morning, Almine suggested that we put an offering of rock candy outside for them. During that night, they didn’t bother me again, but I saw their silhouettes outside of the teepee.

The following morning, when we woke up, Almine called us over to her tent. In front of her tent flap, there were shiny things gathered by the “little people” in the field – which is the medicine wheel and holy gathering place of the Stoney Indians. There were old and new coins, arrowheads, lost earrings, safety pins, anything shiny that they could find; they had put it all in a straight line in front of her tent, to acknowledge her.

In another situation, she was approached to ask the wind to be calm so that the fire the men were preparing for the sweat lodge would not burn out of control. The winds were high as the flames soared. It was summer, and the grass was dry. The men wondered if they would have to forget about this altogether. However, someone approached her with tobacco and asked for the winds to be silenced. She went into the middle of the Stoney Indian’s medicine wheel and sat talking to the spirit of the wind. Soon after, there was complete peace and calmness, and we finished preparing the sweat lodge.

Almine didn’t join us in the sweat lodge as she was busy with healings, but she asked the lodge keeper if he would do an extra round for her after everybody was finished. She mentioned that two bad spirits had followed her through three different countries, and she had been tolerating this situation long enough. I don’t know what happened in the lodge that day, but the lodge keeper would not speak about it. Only the two of them were in the sweat lodge together; but he carried her outside and she was apparently unconscious. She stayed that way while we fanned her face and put water on her feet for a while. That night around the camp fire, Almine said she had gone out of the body to bind these spirits with a cord of light, and that the minute their intentions are of the light, they will be free to move right through their cords.

Lastly, there was a woman at the camp who came to ask for help because a malicious co-worker had gone to see a medicine man, and as a result, a pack of spirit wolves was following her around. Almine called in the spirit of the cave bear, and we all felt a strong presence. I have spoken to the woman since, and every time the pack of wolves came back, there was the spirit of a cave bear that chased them away.

Woman of the Plains Cree, Canada

Paar u na presh pra vuch

Bru a buruski bel a nush

Sti arnervat kel vis bra usut

Gra stra u sabervi esh tra ulmirat

From the fairies

Impart not these words to those of impure thought

Keep them close to your heart
When impurities enter the fairy realms, fairies could die

Excerpt from Arubafirina, The Book of Fairy Magic