The Kachinas

The Kachinas

A Journey Into the Realms of Innocence

For as long as they can remember, Native American tribes of the Southwestern United States have held sacred prayers to the Kachinas – a group of beings they claimed had left for other planets. This term refers to multiple “tribes” of beings from the Hidden Realm. Their prophecies said that if they kept their memories alive, these tribes would one day return.

In the middle of April 2008, I was sent to meet with the students in Toronto. It was not just any week but rather the week many forgotten kingdoms would return to earth. The instruction I received was similar to the one during the miraculous week of the fairy kingdoms’ return to earth (that resulted in the book: Arubafarina, The Book of Fairy Magic). We were told to communicate with and photograph them.

The students were given the gift of the ancient languages of these kingdoms. Hundreds of photographs showed the students becoming transparent as they changed dimensions, the beings streaking across the room or nestling on a student’s shoulder. Crowns appeared on some of their heads and whereas the photographs in Arubafarina showed the Infinite Mother’s crown, they brought the new, additional gems for us to see.

Almine’s Journal

From the students present, many photos were taken and thus the return of the Kachina tribes begins.

A short video about the return of the Kachina tribes

The Resurrection of the Realms of Innocence

Native American tribes such as the Hopi have long foretold the restoration of the Kachinas, the tribes of purity. Not only have they been brought back from their seclusion in different star systems, but released from their hiding places in the sacred libraries of the Earth. These libraries have served to preserve their species even at times when all of life was erased between the massive cycles of existence.

Excerp from Arubafarina, The Book of Fairy Magic