Light of the Holy Ones

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Light of the Holy Ones

Almine has been seen to emanate white light in heightened states of awareness or when she has newly returned from traveling beyond the dimensional realities of the Earth.

Throughout the eons holy ones have emanated this refined light. Likewise, students in Almine’s classes have been seen with light halos, crowns of light and white light shining from their bodies.

Miracle on Orcas Island

I was at Orcas Island with Almine during a lecture where many healings happened. She was working until late in the evening as was her habit, with the many ill and suffering people that came to her.

She seemed to have an energy that others did not. She would stand on her feet all day lecturing, sometimes healing during her lunch hour, then work until late in the night and do that for several days in a row.

She would sometimes even fit in people before breakfast. At times she forgot to eat. If we did not remind her, she would not touch food or water for the day. She stood in front of class that weekend, and suddenly she stopped and raised her eyes towards the heavens.

She seemed to be in communication with something we could not yet see. Her face had an ecstatic expression and a glow emanated from her. For an instant, my vision was opened and I saw a great light descend through the ceiling of that humble little building and into her body. Her voice changed. I could see that the ecstasy was so strong that it was difficult for her to speak. She continued to share the information that flowed through her and as she spoke a peace settled over the class.

As a lady remarked to me afterwards, it felt suddenly as though all suffering was replaced by acceptance and joy. Tears streamed across my face. I could not stop myself from getting out of my chair and falling on my knees.

A Brother from California

Vision of Almine

Almine had given me a prophecy that I would see visions. During the pod in Toronto on April 24, 2008, she asked me,
“Did you see them yet?”

I said, “No.”

Almine answered, “You should see them during the pod when the Kachinas will come – and bring your camera.”

Firstly, the whole class started to speak languages. I didn’t know where I was; I was either around plants, animals, or bird kingdoms in the forest. Many people were speaking languages, but I had a problem speaking. Finally, voice came out of my throat and I released sounds which seemed familiar to big birds and wolves, like a loud noise from birds and wolves together.

Almine looked at me and confirmed the species came from Sirius, bird body with wings. But instead of a beak, the species had a wolf head.
During this period, I levitated and something happened in my body. I saw a strong vision of Almine in front of me, five to seven feet away, sitting in a chair. I could not look at her, but kept my eyes closed. The light was so powerful I could not open my eyes, but I saw the exact vision of her sitting in front of me with my eyes closed.

Then, she was rising from the chair with her beautiful smile at the same time looking at me. She went into the rays of the sun, and she was looking at another student who was sitting on her right side. I saw Almine still sitting over there, watching me, and I was seeing her on the sun’s rays from a high place in the cosmos.

I could not look at the left side of the room because her presence and light were so strong. The master Karen, another student, was sitting five to seven feet from me on the right side, and I had the impression she had the same vision as me. I still could not look to the left where Almine was sitting because her presence was still strong. I was on my knees, shaking and crying.

Film-maker, Ottawa, Canada